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February 27, 2011


During this weekend I’ve search optimized the title element for all content pages on my sites. This has been a much needed improvement since the title text is so important for gaining search rankings. Most of my previous titles just included the chapter/page name and were very short and plain. I’ve now taken the time and done the necessary keyword research as described in PWM to optimize them.

My goal was for each title to target multiple search phrases that each had very low competition and high monthly search traffic. I also wanted the title to be readable and attractive so as to gain a high click-through rate.

For example, one of PWM’s chapters and therefore the title was “Artifical link building”. I did reach the first result page on Google for that term (among 35 200 pages using it). The problem is that there are no monthly searches for that phrase on Google, so there’s no point in rank well for it. I changed the title to: “Generate Quality Inbound Links Naturally – Manual Back Link Building Strategies”. Each of these is a well searched for keyword that are commonly combined by people who search for what the page offers.

Another example is the PWM Affiliate chapter, which had the generic term “Affiliate” as its title. Trying to rank for a single-word term like that is fruitless, because of the competition and because the traffic will be untargeted. That is, such traffic is very unlikely to be looking for what the page has to offer. The title was changed to: “Increasing Affiliate Earnings and Conversions – Sell More as an Amazon Affiliate”. This title presents what the page is about in a human readable way and it includes keyword phrases and combinations that people actually search for.

My expectations for this improvement is that the Google search traffic will increase by at least 50% once Google finds out about the change. I will post an update once that happens. Google currently refers 80 daily visitors to PVT and 10 to PWM and HOS each, so an increase to 150 shouldn’t be unrealistic.

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