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November 9, 2013


Great news! After nearly a year, Siforia has finally managed to acquire the audio license for producing 50 hours of synthetic audio material. With that I can begin rolling out the audio projects that I’ve been preparing during the past couple of months. I will start out first with a few video tutorials and later move on to the audio book titles.

This license represents the single largest investment that Siforia has ever made, trumphing the 800€ investment in hardcover set up fees from last Spring. 5000€ from this year’s company profit has gone into this deal, which is pretty much all profit for 2013. Whether it’s possible to recoup this investment anytime soon remains to be seen. As with every one of my online ventures it is a calculated risk.

I believe the increased passive income from YouTube, PVTuts, DVD sales and CodeProject TV could amount to perhaps 150-300€ per month. Added to this we have the digital and physical sales of the audiobooks, which could perhaps amount to 50-100€ per month in sales from Amazon, iTunes, Audible and Spotify. Adding the ad revenue, affiliate deals and Springer book sales, I could potentially be looking at a passive income in excess of 750€ per month which would be awesome.

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