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December 20, 2012


It seems I have an interesting challenge ahead of me. I need to raise 5000€ to be allowed to release the audio books and video tutorials I will be creating next year. That is the cost of acquiring a 50 hour commercial license for Acapela’s text-to-speech software. This is expensive certainly, but there is no way around it. Acapela has by far the best voices in the industry and they are actually among the cheapest. The audio content I’m planning on producing is somewhere around 40-50 hours, and so renting a professional voice and speech editor would cost considerably more than 5000€. I also want to have the ability to reproduce the audio content to make sure it stays up to date in accordance with the Siforia spirit.

Nothing is final yet, but to get 5000€ here’s the strategy I’m currently planning. I will be using Kickstarter. Basically, Kickstarter lets people pre-order the product that I need money to create, which is just what I need in this case. Furthermore, I will break up the project into several smaller project – one for each book HOS, PWM and TPS – to make it seem more doable. Divided up each project will only need to raise 1700€. The rewards for contributing to the project will be different editions of the book priced below their regular price. For example: Kindle edition 5€, Epub edition 5€, PDF edition 5€, Print edition 10€, MP3 edition 5€, CD edition 10€ and Hardcover edition 20€. With these prices I only need 170-340 customers to purchase the product. That sounds a bit more believable.

I included a hardcover edition here as that is another possibility now with CreateSpace. It would cost me $200 to be able to produce a hardcover edition of a title. The production cost of a hardcover HOS copy would be $8 (+$2 for a dust jacket), compared with paperbacks which cost around $2.5, so the price is significantly higher. Unfortionately, I’m not allowed to list hardcover books on Amazon. Otherwise I would have made the upgrade already. Their reason for this is undisclosed, but it is probably because Amazon feel they make a greater profit selling only paperback books.

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