PVT Celebration – 50 000 Views

April 3, 2012


PVT has reached 50 000 page views this month. A significant number, and one I at one point thought I would never reach. I still recall struggling to break 1000 views per month some three years ago when I was just starting out. Since then the traffic count has grown steadily and has more than doubled in the last 12 months.

PVT is by far the largest of my sites, mainly because it has the most content and because it is the oldest one. It is also marketed well by its YouTube channel and its authority as a programming reference site gives it a lot of return visitors. Compared with PVT’s traffic levels the view counts for my other sites can still be considered rounding errors, however all of them are growing.

Here are the current page view statistics for my sites. The parentheses show the traffic growth compared with 12 months ago.

PVT 50 200 views (+105%)
HOS 1600 views (+80%)
PWM 600 views (+100%)
WEJ 400 views (+100%)
Siforia 90 views (+50%)
REA 70 views (new)

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4 Responses to “PVT Celebration – 50 000 Views”

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  2. http://www./ Says:

    I’m sorry, but whom did Microsoft bribe to get Win8 not only on this blog but also like an intrusive ad banner on the superuser.com site?!? I can’t speak for other superuser.com users, but I don’t think that’s right.


  3. kredit logement Says:

    it's for my own good" Isn't that kind of House Negro stance?"No, it's a staying alive, stance.And I only defend certain types of "authority". Not all "authority" is created equal.I have to see where the "authority" is coming from.


  4. Chuck Says:

    This shows real exeretisp. Thanks for the answer.


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