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October 18, 2011


I promised a PPC review earlier so here it is. Last month I received a 75€ voucher from Google AdSense for Google AdWords which prompted me to have another go at PPC. The first problem I encountered was that I could not redeem the voucher. Apparently, because I already had an activated AdWords account it would not accept my promotion code. Makes you wonder why they sent me the voucher in the first place.

What’s more, Google only allows a single AdWords account per person so the voucher was essentially worthless to me. Fortunately, I had sent in a request earlier to get a second AdWords account for my company Siforia. Since a company is a legal person I got the request approved and with this account I was allowed to redeem the voucher.

I decided to PPC market the latest of my books – The Handbook of C# Syntax, which had just hit the shelves. I created a few optimized ads and assigned a set of 30 highly targeted search keywords to the ad group. I set the budget to 10€ per day and the max CPC to 0.06 cents and started the campaign.

As you may know the quality score for a keyword influences the cost per click, so a higher score means more traffic for less money. The quality is decided by many factors, such as click through rate and relevance of keywords to ad unit and landing page. In addition to this, the account also has a hidden quality score which impacts all other quality scores. With my previous account I had experimented with PPC and had run some poor performing campaigns. This had brought down my account quality score by quite a lot, as I wasn’t able to get a keyword above a quality score of 3.

A benefit with my new account was that my account quality score had been reset. Any bad CTR associated with my last account was gone. This allowed me to reach a quality score of 5 quite easily for some of my keywords. Two points higher than the same keywords would have been on my other account.

The result of this high quality score was that I could get my ads showing on Google Search even with a low max cost per click of 0.06€. On my other account, I had had to focus my ads towards the cheaper display network instead.

At the end of the week when my 75€ was spent I had managed to get 706 clicks from the search network and 558 clicks from the display network (the AdSense network). A total of 1264 clicks for 75€ with an average CPC of 0.06€. Quite good. Unfortunately, the results of the campaign wasn’t.

Two books were sold on Amazon as a result of the campaign. Interestingly, none of them were the book I advertised for. The books purchased happened to be very expensive, and my affiliate-fee rate this month had reached 6%, so I did earn more than usual. I earned 6.56 dollar in affiliate fees, so I only managed to regain 6% of the 75€ spent on the campaign. Still, it’s better than nothing.

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