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April 27, 2011


It’s time for an update on the results from my YouTube channel optimizations. As posted about before, SEO and caption enhancements for my channel were performed between the 20-21st of February. The result of these optimizations was immediate and astonishing. In the first day following the optimizations video views increased from 1000 to 1600 per day and this number has been holding steady ever since. Getting results so quickly was a big surprise. YouTube seems to respond much quicker to SEO than Google does. With Google, it may take many weeks before any SEO changes become noticable.

The main purpose of having a commercial YouTube channel is typically to get traffic to your site. A large YouTube channel can generate some advertisement income by taking advantage of the YouTube Partner program, but most profit is made by bringing a percentage of the traffic back to your site. Therefore, it’s interesting to note how the increase in video views affected the PVT site traffic.

The monthly referals from YouTube increased from 327 in January to 825 in March – a 250% increase. That is quite an amazing result and it is in the same ballpark as my previous estimation that views on my YouTube Channel increased by 340% (the other views come from PVT as those views are included in the total). Currently, the YouTube channel is the second largest traffic source for PVT (after Google) and brings in 15% of the visitors.

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