Marketing Strategy Spring 2011

March 26, 2011


My current strategy this past month has been to acquire back links for my sites in order to increase their traffic. So far I’ve gathered 2523 site submission back links, 519 directory back links, and 28 profile back links – for a total of 3070 back links for each of my five sites. Interestingly enough, there has been no noticeable increase in site traffic as a result of these back links for either one of the sites.

Page views to PVT did increase by 1K compared to last month – from 18 to 19K. This increase however is consistent with the natural traffic increase that has been the norm since the site’s launch exactly 19 months ago, in August 2010. PVT is the only one of my sites so far that experiences this natural traffic growth. The growth comes as a result of PVT’s existing traffic, which provides natural link building that in turn gives increased search rankings.

The reasons for the lack of results from the link building efforts are likely related to the low quality of each link and that Google can’t find many of them. I thought I could compensate for this through a greater number of back links, but apparently that is not a viable strategy. It is possible that the site submission back links are located in too obscure places to the net, where no search engine bots dare to go. It’s also possible that many of my web directory links have yet to be accepted or indexed. Still, these results are mysterious. I did expect site submission and directory links to generate less traffic than say blog and forum links, but I didn’t expect the results to be non-existing.

The question now becomes whether I should step up this game by building ever more directory back links, or if I should switch strategy entirely. Directory back links are fast to gather. Around 5 seconds per back link. Social media back links however require several minutes per back link because of the manual labor involved. I think I will keep on building directory backlinks for now but I will mix in a few social media backlinks to see if that makes a difference.

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