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January 7, 2012


On PWM, I talk about how there comes a point when the natural link building made by your visitors becomes more valuable than your own artificial link building. This is when you start to gain far more traffic naturally than what you gain as a result of your artificial link building. At that point, generating more high quality content will be a better investment of time than artificial link building.

I feel that this switch has happened during 2011 for my sites. PVT in particular gains around 3000 page views per month without any active marketing. This increase is way beyond what I was ever able to achieve with artificial marketing. The other content sites have also started to grow naturally by a few hundred page views per month. And because the sites are interlinked they also benefit from each other’s growth.

And so this year I will be switching marketing strategy away from artificial link building and towards natural link building. This is a really exciting change since it means I will be able to focus most of my time on creating new content for sites and books, rather than spending time on promoting those sites and books.

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