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March 9, 2011


Some web sites allow you to submit a site URL in order to recieve a free back link. I call this a site submission type link. In return for the free link the site usually gains some form of content by gathering information or statistics from the submitted URL. This information is used to create a unique page containing the back link.

The site submission type back link is the fastest one to aquire, since you only need to submit the URL. However, it is the least valuable back link in terms of both traffic and rankings. The links won’t generate any direct traffic, because these unique pages created from your site will most likely never be visited by anyone but you. As for rankings they are almost as useless, because most of them won’t even be found naturally by search engines. And what Google doesn’t know about won’t improve your Google rankings. Those links that are found however have some quality, because they appear on a unique content page that features a single back link to your site.

The only thing these links got going for them is that they’re easy to aquire. Very easy. The whole process is simple to automate since you only need to type in your URL. One such online tool is IMT’s website submitter. This is a fully automated and free service that lets you submit your website to 2500 submission sites. Just type in your URL and let the tool do its work for a couple of hours.

Now telling Google about all these links in order to gain search ranking is another issue. You don’t want to have to create back links in order for your back links to be found. I recommend that you don’t spend any time worrying about it. Leave it up to the webmasters of the submission sites to make your site findable by search engine bots. Some will be found, eventually, while other won’t. No matter. Gather the back links by the thousands and then move on to other back link building strategies.

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