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April 27, 2011


The results of March’s marketing efforts are in. During March I built 3000 back links to each of my five sites – consisting of a combination of directory, profile, and site submission type links. Interestingly, the traffic these links have generated is essentially none existing.

The answer as to why it is so is quite simple. The pages the back links appear on don’t have any traffic themselves so there is none for them to share. Looking through my Google Analytics stats for the sites I am hard pressed to find more than a handful of visitors coming from those links. In terms of direct traffic, I find that a single comment on a moderately popular blog (Alexa rank 1.1M) outperforms the 3000 backlinks by a factor of 10. The reason for this is simply because that is how much more traffic the blog has when compared to the other back link pages. In terms of search engine traffic increases it is still too early to draw any definite conclusions, though it seems that the links had no effect on raising the search rankings for the sites.

My next marketing efforts will be to build Blog and Forum type back links. I expect the results to be much greater than that of the other back link types.

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