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March 4, 2011


Traffic is one of the three keys to monetizing a site. The main way to get traffic is through back links. That is, by acquiring links from other web sites that point to yours, either naturally (made by others) or artificially (created by you). Simply speaking, half of your site’s traffic will come directly from people clicking on your back links and the other half will come from the Google search ranking generated by those same back links. Essentially, without back links you will have no visitors and by doubling the quality and quantity of your back links you will double your traffic.

So then, how does one get back links? Natural back links, as discussed on PWM, requires you to already have a significant amount of visitors. Hence, it’s not a viable strategy to increase the traffic for a new site. Instead, you will have to resort to Artificial link building to get any visitors at all.

Since I’m in the middle of the largest marketing campaign I’ve ever undertaken for my sites, I’ve decided to publish my results as a series, each detailing a specific back link building strategy.

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