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I often get e-mails asking me if I want to do link exchanges or if I offer private ad placements on my sites. As of yet, I have declined all such requests.

My reason for not accepting private ad deals is because I prefer the freedom that AdSense ads bring. AdSense allows me full control of where and if I place any ads. With a private ad deal that freedom is diminished somewhat. There’s also the issue of finding interested ad partners and getting paid on time. That I can always rely on with AdSense or another large advertisement network. The amount I am paid is also not subject to bargaining.

As for link exchanges I have by principle only allowed exchanges with sites that have related themes. Unfortunately, the sites in my niches are often non-profit and thus they are not the most motivated of marketers. The sites I do receive exchange invitations from are usually from really profitable niches, such as investment, insurance, loan and gambling sites.

I have decided to make a change in these principles. Since I am researching ways to increase profit and traffic levels I need to at least try these strategies out. I’ll come back with the results once I have tested these strategies out.

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