June Updates

June 11, 2012


This month I won’t be releasing any new chapters. Instead, I’ll take care of some much needed updates and improvements to the sites and books. So far I’ve managed to combine the sites into a single Multisite WordPress install. This isn’t noticeable on the front end but it makes administrative tasks a whole lot simpler. With a Multisite install you can update themes and plugins, and perform other admin tasks easily from the super admin area. You can also use a combined login for all sites, although I had to skip this feature as it interfered with the W3 Total Cache plugin.

I had a lot to gain from combining the sites as I’m using the same theme on most of them. The graphics, JavaScript and style sheets are now the same across all those sites which does speed things up when navigating between sites, and the consistency between the sites is much better since they are now actually using the same theme. While I was at it I also made some significant performance optimizations. Most sites now has a page load time around 1.5 seconds.

Another change I’ve made is to remove the Wibiya bar. After one year in action I’ve decided that the value the bar added was not worth the performance overhead it created. The features were nice, such as page translations, live notifications and integration with Twitter and Facebook. However, the user participation rate was pretty poor at 0.62%. It does not justify doubling the page size from 250kb to 500kb and the associated performance hit. Therefore I decided it had to go.

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