Income May 2012 – $464.61

June 27, 2012

Income Reports

The income for May was 464.61 dollars, up $7 from last month. Smashwords sales increased while Kindle sales decreased.

1. Product income

A total of 53 books were sold in May, compared with 66 last month. Amazon sold 16 hard copy books ($115.82), Kindle 9 ebooks ($56.47) and Smashwords 28 ebooks ($134.57). Though Kindle sales were down significantly, hard copy and Smashwords sales are holding steady.

2. Advertisement income

YouTube ads paid 98.68 dollars and site ads another 29.04 dollars. A new private ad deal was closed adding $10 to the previous $17.90. With this the total ad revenue is at 155.61 dollars, about the same as last month.

3. Affiliate income

Amazon Associates paid out $2.14 from the sale of 5 items this month. Not a whole lot.


Adding the income together we have: $115.82 + $56.47 + $134.57 + $155.61 + $2.14 = 464.61 dollars. Basically the same as last month.

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