Income March 2012 – $501.87

April 2, 2012


The income for March was 501.87 dollars, up $21.5 compared with last month. Kindle sales doubled while Smashwords sales were down by a third. The hard copy sales are holding steady. Ad and affiliate income were up slightly.

1. Product income

Amazon managed to sell 9 hard copy books this month. Another 10 were sold through other online stores for a total of 19 hard copy books ($107.74). Amazon also sold a remarkable 25 Kindle copies ($151.60) and Smashwords another 23 books ($107.49). This brings the number of books sold up to 67 (+3).

2. Advertisement income

Ad revenue for March was 127.31 USD. A bit more than last month, though mainly because March has more days than February. $79.17 from YouTube, $30.42 from the sites and $17.90 from private ad deals.

3. Affiliate income

Amazon Associates paid out $7.73 from the sale of 6 items (1184 clicks). It’s nice to see a few affiliate sales once more. Although it isn’t much every little bit adds to the total.


March has brought in a total of: $107.74 + $151.60 + $107.49 + $127.31 + $7.73 = 501.87 U.S. dollars. This means my 500 dollar goal has been achieved at last. Awesome!

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