Income January 2012 – $457.94

February 1, 2012

Income Reports

January was a great month. Not only was I able to hold on to the high income seen in December, but the income even increased slightly. I had thought that the Christmas sales would push up the income temporarily, but apparently Christmas did not play a big role in the number of sales made. This month’s income was at 457.94 dollars, which sets a new record and brings me one step closer to my goal of 500 dollars.

1. Product income

This month 51 books have been sold. 30 hardcopy books ($195.14), 16 Kindle books ($111.68) and 5 Epub books ($23.85). In total, book royalty income was $330.67. Slightly more than last month’s $322.14. The January sales figures for the Epub books have still not been updated. I’ll update these numbers once they are.

2. Advertisement income

The AdSense income this month was $116.68, up from 107.98 dollars last month in December. The YouTube Partnership program continues to outperform the ad income from my sites. YouTube yielded $68.07, the sites made $30.68 and the private ad deals gave $17.90.

3. Affiliate income

Amazon Associates brought in $10.59 this month from the sale of 11 items. The number of clicks were 1147, which means the conversion ratio was 1%. That is pretty good, I’d say.


January brought in a total of $330.67 + $116.68 + $10.59 = 457.94 dollars.

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