Income February 2012 – $480.37

March 1, 2012


The income for February grew compared with last month, thanks in large part to new ebook sales through Apple. The various income streams together brought in 480 dollars, which is a new record and takes me yet another step closer to my goal of 500 dollars. The increase in income this month was 27 dollars. Interesting to note, this was the total income for last year’s February.

This is the third month in a row that the income has increased, which I find almost unbelievable. I had expected the income to remain relatively stable throughout spring until I managed to publish another book, but there seems to still be room for growth with the income streams I currently have.

1. Product income

This month 64 books have been sold, a new record. Physical book sales were 13 for and 7 by other online bookstores for a total of 20 hardcopy books ($122.75). Kindle book sales were 9 for and 3 for In total, 12 Kindle books ($91.51) were sold. Smashwords sold an increadible 32 Epub books ($149.05). 19 of those sales came from Apple, 4 from Barnes & Noble and 1 from

2. Advertisement income

The AdSense income was $116.46, same as last month. The YouTube Partnership program generated $62.82, the sites made $35.74 and the private ad deals gave $17.90. This seems to be the most stable income stream.

3. Affiliate income

Amazon Associates brought in $0.60 from the sale of 2 items. Clicks were about the same as last month, 1105, but the conversion rate was down to only 0.2% compared with 1.0% last month. The actual conversion rate when taken over a longer period of time seems to be around 0.5%.


The total income for February is $363.31 + $116.46 + $0.60 = 480.37 dollars.

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