Income December 2011 – $431.28

January 1, 2012


And so December has finally come to an end. I have already examined the income for each week of this month, but in this post I’ll put it all together. I did not manage to reach my goal of $500, but I did set a new record by breaking the $400 barrier.

1. Product income

Book sales were up compared with last month, because of Smashwords Epub sales starting to kick in and possibly because of Christmas. 56 books were sold, which is a new record.  22 were hardcopy books ($144.01), 17 Kindle books ($92.58) and 17 Epub books ($85.55). In total, book royalty income was $322.14. A large increase compared with last month’s $236.99.

2. Advertisement income

AdSense income for the month was 107.98 dollars. A new record, thanks in large part to the new YouTube Partnership program. YouTube paid $62.76, my sites generated $27.30 and the private ad deals yielded $17.90.

3. Affiliate income

There was only one affiliate sale made through Amazon Associates this month, which brought in $1.16. It is a suprising drop from last month’s sale of 8 items, but I suspect it’s a random occurance. The number of people who clicked through to Amazon is about the same as last month, around 800 clicks.


The income for December comes to a total of $322.14 + $107.98 + $1.16 = 431.28 dollars. A new record.

Income Strategies

The strategies I’ve been using to boost income these past few months have started to show their results – the Google Books program, the Smashwords network and the release of two more books.

The Google Books program has generated 218 book visits with 2 buy clicks, but no sales or ad revenue has yet been recorded. This is better than nothing, but if the buy percentage is the same as with Amazon Associates, I will need at least 100 buy clicks to generate a sale. It will be interesting to see if the traffic for this sales funnel grows over time.

The Smashwords program now accounts for 26% of the book income and 30% of the books sold. It will be interesting to see if this continues.

The two new books for PWM and HOS are not selling nearly as well as the programming books. I’m not sure exactly why, but it’s likely because PVT, which is promoting the programming books, has significantly more traffic than HOS and PWM, which are promoting the two other books.

One strategy that has been working well was joining the YouTube Partnership program. The extra $63 per month has made the total ad revenue more comparable to the significantly larger revenue generated from book sales.

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