Income April 2012 – $457.28

May 18, 2012


The income for April was 452.91 dollars, down $45 compared with last month. Kindle sales and hard copy sales were about the same as last month, but Smashwords sales were down significantly. Ad and affiliate income were up, though not enough to compensate for the reduction in book sales.

1. Product income

A total of 46 books were sold in April. Amazon sold 19 hard copy books ($109.54) and 24 Kindle ebooks ($154.44). Smashwords reported only 3 ebooks ($14.27) sold.

The reason why Smashwords sales were so much lower this month has to do with the way Smashwords reports sales. In Smashwords, individual sales are not reported. Instead each store sends in their sales reports to Smashwords every 3 to 5 weeks. It just so happened that the sales reports aligned so that almost no sales reports were sent in for April.

2. Advertisement income

YouTube ads paid 111.60 dollars and site ads another 28.78 dollars. Add $17.90 from private ad deals and the total ad revenue is at 158.28 dollars, up 31 dollars from last month.

3. Affiliate income

Amazon Associates paid out $20.75 from the sale of 14 items. This I believe is the most I have ever earned in a month from Amazon Associates. Out of the 14 sales 9 of them were for books, 4 for ebooks and 1 for software. Out of the books 5 of them were my own.


April income was: $109.54 + $154.44 + $14.27 + $158.28 + $20.75 = 457.28 U.S. dollars. Not as much as last month but still very good.

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