Book Republishing Deal

August 21, 2013


For the past few months I’ve been working with the tech book publisher Apress to republish a number of my books. Today I can announce that the new editions are finally ready. Here they are, the new Apress editions of the PVT books:

Whereas before my books have all been self-published, I decided to give Apress the distribution rights in order to be able to reach a greater number of people. The distribution capabilities of this Springer division far surpasses my own and this move will no doubt aid my other goals as well, including the passive income goal. It is a significant change from how I usually do things, but I believe it is for the better. Delegating the publishing tasks to professionals will give me more time to focus on what I like doing most, which is to produce content.

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  1. kunle Says:

    hi, nice work u have here. kindly send me a pdf copy of ur book on how to start a web business.thnx


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